The Dine with Dignity Fund helps students who cannot afford a lunch, but do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals, have access to traditional lunch options. Donations to this fund will go to schools to address unpaid lunch balances accrued during the school year, and allow students to receive a traditional lunch option even if they are in debt.

Currently, when a student’s lunch account is in arrears, they are given an alternative meal. Unfortunately, this alternative meal can identify them to their peers as not having lunch money, increasing their potential to be humbled.  34,000 alternative meals were given to students last year.

Your contribution to the Dine with Dignity Fund will help make sure children can go through the lunch line without worrying about any stigmas.

It doesn’t take much to allow a student to dine with dignity:
•    $3 buys a lunch
•    $15 buys lunch for a week 
•    $60 buys lunch for a month
•    $500 buys lunch for a year

Gifts can be made on behalf of an individual, family, company or organization (like cub scouts or girls scouts).