Information about the Clarksburg, Northwest, and Seneca Valley High School Boundary Study


October 16th: The Superintendent’s recommendation on the Clarksburg, Northwest, and Seneca Valley Clusters Boundary Study is now available.  The recommendation, as well as additional information on the boundary study, can be found at the following weblink.


DCA Letter to Superintendent Smith.


October 2019: Community Engagement Supplement to the Boundary Study Report can be found here.


Click here for the PTA's Recommendations for Answering the Second Survey for Boundary Change Options 

The survey will close June 16th at 11:45 PM.


2nd Round of Options Presentation




Tuesday, April 30th 6:30pm - NW High School Auditorium 



Boundary Change First Options

  • Presentation - 1st Round of Options Presentation
  • Chart - Phased Grade Implementation Chart


Options 1 Presentation from March 12th


For additional information click here.