Art Classroom Volunteer Signup links

Ms. Fitzpatrick welcomes parents to help out in her Art Classroom.  Click on the teachers name below to go to, an online website for organizing volunteers.   Signups are set up by class, in case you'd like to volunteer when your child is in the classroom.  These links will remain here for the school year.
Mrs. McKenna               Mrs. Souder            Mrs. Flynn              Mrs. Frederick
Mrs. LaClair                  Mrs. Hurney             Mrs. Roberts           Mrs. Diamond
Mrs. Fawley                  Mrs. Smeller            Mrs. Rose               Mrs. Mostrom 

K and 1st Grade Lunchroom Volunteer Signup Links

Kindergarten and 1st grade lunchblock volunteers needed.
Those Gogurts are so hard to open! We need a couple of volunteers to come in during the lunchtime and help with opening packages, delivering forks, etc. This is done throughout the year, and is managed using an online signup form. Click here to sign up.